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The TIFCO PMCS (GCSS-A) Catalog is comprised of custom kits, deployment and storage systems, hardware, hydraulics, welding, and other kits designed and ordered by you.

TIFCO can save your unit money and decrease your equipment’s operational downtime by providing The Right Part, In The Right Place, At The Right Time!

Tifco Industries

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Catalog Image
2018 Edition


Deployment & Storage Systems

TIFCO builds your systems in our Distribution Center, not in your motor pool. They are built to air-load standards, so there are no worries of frustrated cargo during deployment.

TIFCO can maximize your unit's maintenance budget while decreasing your equipment’s operational downtime.


TIFCO Maintenance System

The TIFCO Maintenance System provides you with the consumables you use daily, so there is no time lost by placing orders.

TIFCO unpacks and assembles your system for you. Our Inventory Maintenance Specialists provide inventory at intervals that you set to assist you in your maintenance forecasting.

Hydratest Kit

KrimpMaster® & HydraTest®

TIFCO’s KrimpMaster® Hydraulic systems are modular and are customized to support all of your hydraulic hose making needs.

The HydraTest® product line provides you with the capability to complete flow and pressure testing in order to quickly isolate problems on hydraulic circuits on all brands of equipment.